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Top 6 reasons to learn Tigrinya

Learn Tigrinya fast and easily with our language course ‘Tigrinya for beginners’.

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Learn Tigrinya - First words
Hi! ሰላም! ሃለው selami! halewi
Hello! ከመይ ዊዕልኩም! kemeyi wī‘ilikumi!
How are you? ከመይ ከ? kemeyi ke?
Good bye! ኣብ ክልኣይ ርክብና ( ድሓን ኩን)! abi kili’ayi rikibina ( diḥani kuni)!
See you soon! ክሳብ ድሓር! kisabi diḥari!

6 reasons to learn Tigrinya

Tigrinya, a Semitic language, is predominantly spoken in Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia. Learning Tigrinya offers a unique insight into the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Horn of Africa. It connects learners with the traditions and stories of its people.

The language’s script, Ge’ez, is both ancient and visually striking. Mastering this script connects learners to a rich literary tradition that dates back centuries. It’s an entryway into the ancient world of Northeast Africa.

In humanitarian and development work, Tigrinya is invaluable. Eritrea’s strategic location and unique history make knowledge of the language important for those working in the region. It facilitates communication and understanding in a variety of contexts.

Tigrinya music and oral literature are integral to understanding the culture of Eritrea and northern Ethiopia. Knowing the language allows access to these expressions in their original form, enriching cultural experiences and perspectives on the region’s heritage.

For travelers, speaking Tigrinya enhances the experience of visiting Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia. It allows for deeper interactions with locals and a better understanding of the region’s customs and lifestyle. Exploring these areas becomes more immersive with language skills.

Learning Tigrinya also offers cognitive benefits. It improves memory, enhances problem-solving abilities, and encourages creative thinking. The process of learning Tigrinya is not only educational but also enriching on a personal level.

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