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Top 6 reasons to learn Greek

Learn Greek fast and easily with our language course ‘Greek for beginners’.

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Learn Greek - First words
Hi! Γεια! Geia!
Hello! Καλημέρα! Kalēméra!
How are you? Τι κάνεις; / Τι κάνετε; Ti káneis? / Ti kánete?
Good bye! Εις το επανιδείν! Eis to epanideín!
See you soon! Τα ξαναλέμε! Ta xanaléme!

6 reasons to learn Greek

Greek, with its ancient roots, offers a unique linguistic journey. It’s one of the oldest languages, providing insights into the history and evolution of language. Learning Greek connects one to this rich heritage.

For those interested in classics and history, Greek is invaluable. It offers direct access to seminal texts in philosophy, science, and literature. Understanding these works in their original language deepens one’s comprehension and appreciation.

In Greece, speaking Greek enhances the travel experience. It allows for authentic interactions with locals and a deeper understanding of the country’s rich culture and traditions. This knowledge makes travel more enriching and memorable.

The Greek language has significantly influenced English and other languages. Many scientific, medical, and technical terms have Greek origins. Knowing Greek can therefore help in understanding and learning these specialized vocabularies.

For students and academics, Greek is a valuable tool. It provides access to a vast array of original scholarly works and research materials. This can be particularly beneficial in fields like archaeology, history, and theology.

Lastly, learning Greek challenges the mind and improves cognitive skills. It’s a language with a unique alphabet and structure, offering a stimulating mental exercise. This can enhance memory, problem-solving abilities, and overall mental flexibility.

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