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Top 6 reasons to learn Georgian

Learn Georgian fast and easily with our language course ‘Georgian for beginners’.

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Learn Georgian - First words
Hi! გამარჯობა! gamarjoba!
Hello! გამარჯობა! gamarjoba!
How are you? როგორ ხარ? rogor khar?
Good bye! ნახვამდის! nakhvamdis!
See you soon! დროებით! droebit!

6 reasons to learn Georgian

Georgian, a language with ancient origins, offers a unique linguistic experience. It’s one of the oldest languages in the world, with a distinct alphabet and rich history. Learning Georgian provides insights into this unique cultural heritage.

For travelers, Georgian is a key to exploring Georgia’s beauty. It enhances the travel experience, allowing for authentic interactions with locals. Navigating through Georgia’s stunning landscapes and historic sites is more rewarding with language proficiency.

In the realms of history and archaeology, Georgian is invaluable. The language gives access to a wealth of historical texts and inscriptions, crucial for understanding the region’s past. It opens doors to exploring the Caucasus region’s rich history.

Georgian literature and folklore are both rich and diverse. Engaging with these in their original language provides a more authentic and profound experience. It allows learners to connect deeply with the nation’s artistic expressions and historical narratives.

Learning Georgian also aids in understanding the Caucasus region’s complex dynamics. It offers insights into the geopolitical and cultural relationships in the area, enriching one’s understanding of global affairs.

Moreover, studying Georgian stimulates cognitive development. It challenges learners with its unique alphabet and grammatical structure, enhancing memory, problem-solving skills, and cultural awareness. The journey of mastering Georgian is intellectually stimulating and personally fulfilling.

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