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Top 6 reasons to learn Estonian

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Learn Estonian - First words
Hi! Tere!
Hello! Tere päevast!
How are you? Kuidas läheb?
Good bye! Nägemiseni!
See you soon! Varsti näeme!

6 reasons to learn Estonian

Estonian, a unique language within the Finno-Ugric family, offers a distinctive linguistic experience. It’s closely related to Finnish and distant to Hungarian, providing an interesting study for those interested in language diversity.

In Estonia, speaking Estonian is key to fully experiencing the country’s culture and history. It allows for deeper connections with locals and a richer understanding of the nation’s traditions and way of life.

For technology enthusiasts, Estonia is a hub of innovation and digital advancements. Learning Estonian can be beneficial for those looking to engage with the country’s tech sector, known for its pioneering e-governance and digital services.

Estonian literature and folklore are rich and relatively unexplored. Accessing these works in their original language offers a more authentic and enriching experience. It opens up a world of unique storytelling and cultural expression.

In the realm of linguistics, Estonian presents an interesting challenge. Its complex grammar and rich vocabulary differ significantly from Indo-European languages, offering a stimulating mental exercise for language learners.

Lastly, learning Estonian enhances cognitive abilities. It challenges learners with its unique phonetics and structure, improving cognitive skills like memory, problem-solving, and attention to detail. This makes Estonian a rewarding language to learn.

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