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Top 6 reasons to learn Catalan

Learn Catalan fast and easily with our language course ‘Catalan for beginners’.

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Learn Catalan - First words
Hi! Hola!
Hello! Bon dia!
How are you? Com va?
Good bye! A reveure!
See you soon! Fins aviat!

6 reasons to learn Catalan

Catalan, spoken by over 9 million people, is more than a regional language. It holds significant cultural importance in Catalonia and other areas. Learning it connects one to this vibrant cultural community.

In business, Catalan can be advantageous. Catalonia’s economy is one of the most dynamic in Spain. Speaking the language helps in forging stronger business relationships and exploring new opportunities in this prosperous region.

For lovers of literature and arts, Catalan offers a rich heritage. It opens doors to a unique literary and artistic tradition, distinct from Spanish culture. This exploration enriches one’s cultural understanding.

Catalan also serves as a bridge to learning other Romance languages. Its structure and vocabulary share similarities with Spanish, French, and Italian. This makes it easier for learners to pick up these languages later.

Travelers to Catalonia and the Balearic Islands benefit greatly from knowing Catalan. It enhances travel experiences, allowing for deeper connections with locals and a fuller understanding of regional customs and history.

Lastly, learning Catalan challenges the brain and enhances cognitive skills. It’s a less commonly taught language, offering a unique learning experience. This mental exercise can improve memory and linguistic abilities.

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